Well… FIFA hasnt screwed me after All

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Remember earlier i have made a post that FIFA ¬†has screwed me … well after all they havent.

What happened is that i was telling my friends in dewaniya about what happened, and one of them said he would like to go with me to South Africa and that’s it we decided to go and within 5 days we sorted all our travel arrangements and that was back in April.

The tickets i had was for 2 quarter finals and one semi final and by that time we did not know who gonna play who ūüėõ

but lucky for us we attended

  1. Uruguay Vs Ghana
  2. Argentina Vs Germany
  3. Germany Vs Spain

it was a blast and south africa was so amazing i really loved and recommend for you guys to go to Cape Town

here are some pics


Are you in the market for Media Player?!

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I have recently been in the market to buy a media player, a media player is a device where you can either plug your hard desk in it or it has actual storage that goes up to 2 Tb and then you hook the media player to your TV where you can browser through your folders and play shows, movies , music and display pictures.

I did some online search and found Iomega¬ģ ScreenPlay‚ĄĘ Director HD Media Player and on paper it sound amazing. So i went and bought for KWD 71.500 since it had HD cable output , plays mkv files and has storage of 1Tb as these were my main reasons to buy it.

Sadly enough after I used for few times it started to freeze randomly and not related to certain file.  It just suddenly freeze sometimes at the start sometimes at the middle and sometimes at the end. and when it freeze the only solution is to unplug the electricity from it which really annoyed me.

I did some digging online and stumbled upon iomega forums and found out several people having the same problem as i am without any solution as there is no firmware to solve this. here is the link

So if you going to buy one stay away from this one unless an update happen to it.

Katt WIlliams American Hustle

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Katt Williams is a stand comedian with some really funny stuff.. ¬†with 8.8 Mill¬†view you wanna watch this clip ūüėõ

I got a feeling

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Have you seen black eyed peas pefrom their song I gotta a feeling with oprah … If you haven’t this is your chance …. But you have to check the crowd it’s so amazing

Fifa Has Screwed Me !!

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So what happened !?

I will tell you.. last year in Feb Fifa has started the first sale phase of fifa word cup tickets, and Me as football fanatic went and applied for myself and 3 of my friends.

And the good news  Fifa has granted us some of the tickets we has applied for ( Semi final and 2 quarter finals).

So far so good, but remember that was last year in FEB and since then till now things has changed and all 3 of my freinds can no longer go !! so we decided that as soon FIFA send us the tickets we will go ahead and sell them and make a profit.

The screwing part is that couple of weeks back FIFA has sent me an email telling me that they will not send the tickets by courier and for me to get the tickets i need to do the following :

  1. Bring my Ass to South africa
  2. Bring my passport.
  3. Bring my Visa credit card that i paid with.
  4. Bring the email confirmation of tickets allocation.

And then only FIFA will hand me over the tickets lol … i¬†think they have out smart us and if i¬†want to sell the tickets i have to go there my self collect them and sell them hehhe

CNN’s Gary Tuchman takes a helicopter flight over the mouth of the Iceland volcano for a closer look.

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Here is the link

Karl Lagerfield for Light Coca Cola

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The Designer Karl Lagerfield has teamed up with Coca Cola to bump up the bottle Design. These Gona be sold at Colette.