Are you in the market for Media Player?!

I have recently been in the market to buy a media player, a media player is a device where you can either plug your hard desk in it or it has actual storage that goes up to 2 Tb and then you hook the media player to your TV where you can browser through your folders and play shows, movies , music and display pictures.

I did some online search and found Iomega® ScreenPlay™ Director HD Media Player and on paper it sound amazing. So i went and bought for KWD 71.500 since it had HD cable output , plays mkv files and has storage of 1Tb as these were my main reasons to buy it.

Sadly enough after I used for few times it started to freeze randomly and not related to certain file.  It just suddenly freeze sometimes at the start sometimes at the middle and sometimes at the end. and when it freeze the only solution is to unplug the electricity from it which really annoyed me.

I did some digging online and stumbled upon iomega forums and found out several people having the same problem as i am without any solution as there is no firmware to solve this. here is the link

So if you going to buy one stay away from this one unless an update happen to it.


~ by Mohammad on August 14, 2010.

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