Fifa Has Screwed Me !!

So what happened !?

I will tell you.. last year in Feb Fifa has started the first sale phase of fifa word cup tickets, and Me as football fanatic went and applied for myself and 3 of my friends.

And the good news  Fifa has granted us some of the tickets we has applied for ( Semi final and 2 quarter finals).

So far so good, but remember that was last year in FEB and since then till now things has changed and all 3 of my freinds can no longer go !! so we decided that as soon FIFA send us the tickets we will go ahead and sell them and make a profit.

The screwing part is that couple of weeks back FIFA has sent me an email telling me that they will not send the tickets by courier and for me to get the tickets i need to do the following :

  1. Bring my Ass to South africa
  2. Bring my passport.
  3. Bring my Visa credit card that i paid with.
  4. Bring the email confirmation of tickets allocation.

And then only FIFA will hand me over the tickets lol … i think they have out smart us and if i want to sell the tickets i have to go there my self collect them and sell them hehhe


~ by Mohammad on May 5, 2010.

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