Zain Had Threaten me !

That day I got this SMS message from Zain telling me pay up your bill or else:P and I don’t know what got into and I just felt like not paying, and wanted to see how long they gonna give me till they disconnect my line 😛 that message I got was on 23rd August and today 26th August they sent another message saying in 2 today if I don’t pay my line will be disconnected 😛

Heheh so I guess then I have to pay, but you know I do wana try living without my mobile for few days and see how does it feel so maybe I will just ignore them and see how it goes 😉

UPDATE: So last night Zain had disconnected my line and since then I’m living without a mobile.. feel weird and i don’t know how long will i last.


UPDATE2:  So on Friday after they have finally did it 😛 i  switched my mobile off and kept it at home. on facebook i made my status “زين افصلوا خطي و انا فصلت وياهم تنحت ماني دافع…اتهقون اشكثر راح اطول”

Hehe so all my freinds started commenting on me and gave me 1 day max. My family on the other hand thought i was broke lol and they even considered “ga6eyya” for me and were wondering how much was My bill heheh.

On saturday I Went to the gym and they had these Zain machines so i paid up. Taraaaaaaa


~ by Mohammad on August 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Zain Had Threaten me !”

  1. i always let my line disconnect for a few days

    ra7a nafsiya

  2. 9alrly nafs ilshay ;/ etha enta dazoolik msg ana dazoly ilfatoora le baitna , eshda3waaa!! LOL
    And i can’t imagine living a day without my mobile lol 7ata low ma7ad ydg 3aly bs ena ykoon ma3ay hehe ;p

    • Heheh 7etta ana daazooli il fatorraa 😛 esh7althaa emghayer il design malha ba3ed this month heheh .. Bss e3naad ma adre leash thekrat 7alqat Seinfeld lema kramer qarar enna yamshii bil sayaraa lemma ekhal9 il banzeen loool

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