Best Wedding Entrance !?!

Check out this wedding entrance isn’t it the best ever ?! 🙂  maybee



~ by Mohammad on August 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Best Wedding Entrance !?!”

  1. EEeee I saw that its SO cute, especially when the bride enters;p

  2. Heheh Eh Walaa kanaw 7adhoom Cute 😛

  3. haha

    ewanis but i would never do it!

  4. Eshda3wa Heheh wala anaa 😛 Bss today at safat i saw a post about Divorce entrance alah ekafennaa il shar … Bss i have to go home to check it since youtube is blocked at work oo ana lema il 7en men rabe3 mobile eley 7ada MMS 😛 lool

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